This was coming, wasn’t it? When we reported on unrest among fans regarding the limited GTA Trilogy media available prior to release, we always got the sense a sh*tstorm was brewing – and, well, here it is. Yesterday we shared some scruffy screenshots from the PlayStation 5 and PS4 remasters, and now we have a glitch compilation to hammer home the point. Unfortunately, the framerate isn’t faring much better, either.

It's worth remembering that the Grand Theft Auto games were already very janky on the PS2, so it’s not uncommon to see helicopters crashing in the background of cutscenes – that’s just a consequence of the complicated sandbox systems Rockstar created. Nevertheless, some of these bugs do teeter on amusing, like Cesar’s hotdog fingers and a bikini-clad local’s exaggerated posterior animations. This video compares the compilation to Cyberpunk 2077, but we wouldn’t go quite that far.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that Rockstar – and, indeed, Grove Street Games – has its work cut out getting this project back on track. Some of the issues that are cropping up, like the unstable framerate, are unforgivable – especially when you consider that one of the primary purposes of these ports is to get them running cleaner on more modern hardware. It’s also worth remembering that Rockstar threatened to sue a number of modders working with the original code, and delivered this instead.