Update: More unusual and amusing images from the GTA Trilogy are beginning to emerge online, and while we're still uncertain of how representative they are of the final product, they're certainly a hoot:

One fan also spotted this shop window in Vice City, which has an incredible three spelling errors on it:

Perhaps Rockstar can explain this away as an in-universe gag?

Original Story: It’s early days for the GTA Trilogy, which wasn’t supposed to be playable yet but is already being shared all over the web. A lot of the early footage looks really good – GTA San Andreas, in particular, is incredibly detailed in its new high-resolution format – but other parts don’t show quite as well. One particular point of contention is the art style employed on some of the more disposable NPCs, as illustrated in these Reddit posts embedded below:

Other fans noticed that Old Reese, the barber who bears an uncanny resemblance to Morgan Freeman, is no longer particularly old:

Meanwhile, some have questioned Rockstar’s decision to increase the draw distance, as the fogging caused by technical limitations in the original not only added to the atmosphere, but also provided a vastness that's just not present here:

It’s worth remembering that these are cherry-picked screenshots, and aren’t necessarily representative of the overall project and all of the work that’s gone into it. Furthermore, these are not remakes like Mafia: Definitive Edition and were never advertised as such – it’s best to think of them as spruced-up ports.

Nevertheless, with talk of performance issues on the PS5 – these aren’t running at a locked 60 frames-per-second, from what we’ve seen and heard – as well as some questionable artistic choices, it’s somewhat disappointing to see these stone-cold classics not get quite the TLC they deserve.

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