The Game Awards is coming, and Geoff Keighley wants you to know about it. The producer/presenter loves to build up hype for games and his yearly shows, and it seems he's going all-out with 2021's award ceremony. The above trailer made its debut yesterday, and it's about as flashy as anything we've ever seen from the show.

The angel that forms the Game Awards trophy is seen tumbling through several mesmerising, ethereal layers, possibly signifying her falling from the gaming heavens, but probably not signifying anything at all. Whatever it all means, it's a visually arresting thing, isn't it?

The Game Awards is set to be a major showcase this year, apparently featuring between 40 and 50 games in some capacity. That's in addition to the awards themselves, for which the nominees will be announced later this week. Are you excited to tune in on 9th December? Tell us in the comments section below.