PS Store Wishlist

The PlayStation Store on PS5 still needs some work to make it one of the best online marketplaces around, but did you know the wishlisting feature notifies you of discounts for the games you mark as desirable? Sony sent out a tweet today documenting the feature, and we here at Push Square Towers couldn't quite work out if the functionality is actually new or not. Some of us have seen the notification before while others haven't. Take this article then as a PSA if you didn't already know: the PS Store wishlist will now tell you when PS5, PS4 titles go on sale. You just need to enable the option in your system settings.

To do so, click on Settings in the top-right corner of the PS5 home screen and then scroll down to Notifications. Scroll down again to Wishlist Updates. Click on the tab and you'll be able to determine when the notification appears. You're able to choose whether they pop up during game sessions, while watching videos, or in the middle of a broadcast.