Sony is starting a new PlayStation community event next week that will reward entrants with exclusive avatars on PS5 and PS4, and a theme on PS4. Grand prizes include a PS5 console, a set of rings themed around the classic PlayStation buttons, and a bundle containing $100 of PS Store credit along with a Pulse 3D wireless headset. The event is titled Seize the Throne, and it requires you to play PS5, PS4 games, earn Trophies, and use the Share feature in order to gain points.

This all kicks off on 2nd November 2021, and you'll first need to sign up with your PSN ID to take part. You can do so through here. The first goal, dubbed "Reach the King's Tower", requires a total of 25 million points. Interestingly, unlike the Days of Play community events, there's no expiry date attached to each goal so it's more a case of when the community reaches the goal rather than if.

Here's a breakdown of how you earn points:

Activity Points Earned
Play any game of Player's choosing 10
Play any game of Player’s choosing with another Player 15
Use Share feature 5
Obtain Bronze Trophy 5
Obtain Silver Trophy 10
Obtain Gold Trophy 20
Obtain five (5) trophies in a single game 25

Again, entrants must collectively earn 25 million points by completing the above tasks to earn two PSN avatars. The second goal requires 100 million points and rewards five more exclusive PSN avatars. The final goal, which asks for 160 million points, hands out a PS4 dynamic theme and three other PSN avatars.

Rewards will be delivered directly to your PS5, PS4 console through a system notification two days after the goal is completed, but you'll need to take an extra step to try and win the biggest prizes. Open for less than 48 hours, entrants will need to visit the official Seize the Throne website and answer three questions to be in with a shot of winning the PS5, ring set, or previously aforementioned bundle.

Will you be taking part in this new community event? Get planning your points strategy in the comments below.