Sony is once again bringing back its Days of Play community event for 2021, rewarding those who take part with many PlayStation 4 themes and exclusive avatars. Split across three stages, you'll need to play lots of PS5 and PS4 games (not too difficult) and then earn Trophies (again, not difficult for us lot). The event begins on 18th May 2021, and you can sign up through here. Registration is open until the end of this month, but you must have passed over your PSN details before a stage begins to earn the associated rewards.

For stage one, the community must play 2.4 million games and unlock 7.2 million Trophies. Doing so will reward a PS4 theme, but reach the first stretch goal of 3 million games played and 8.8 million Trophies unlocked and you'll be given three bonus PSN avatars. Stage two then tasks everyone with playing 2.9 million games and earning 8.5 million Trophies, which unlocks a further five PSN avatars themed around iconic PlayStation characters. Another bonus goal comes with three more PSN avatars.

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Finally, stage three requires three million games to be played and nine million Trophies to be earned. Reaching these lofty goals unlocks one more PSN avatar and a PS4 dynamic theme. However, play 3.7 million games and earn 11 million Trophies and three more PSN avatars will be yours to keep. "Keep your eyes on the goal tracker to see the community progress towards each goal. Rewards for reaching the community goals of each stage will be delivered via PS4 and PS5 system notifications approximately 1-2 days after the stage ends."

Sony will also celebrate the community event with a Days of Play PS Store sale later this month. Will you be taking part? Start scribbling your plan of action down in the comments below.