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Predator: Hunting Grounds and, er, Arcadegeddon developer IllFonic looks set to slime the Ghostbusters next, as studio co-founder Raphael Saadiq let the project slip on a podcast. Speaking about his company on Questlove Supreme, he talked a little bit about the games that his team have made: “Friday the 13th, the last one, Predator, and we’re working on Ghostbusters right now.” Whoops!

This is particularly interesting from a PlayStation persuasion, because Sony worked with the Colorado-based developer on the aforementioned Predator: Hunting Grounds, and distributes the Ghostbusters films. The Japanese giant has made a big deal out of unifying its various business divisions, and so some kind of console exclusivity wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility here.

In fact, Sony has form for making Ghostbusters games exclusive: it famously locked down the PS3 and PS2 versions of Terminal Reality’s title for three months in Europe, which was roundly criticised at the time. We’re going to assume, given IllFonic’s pedigree, that this will be some kind of asymmetric multiplayer Ghostsbusters vs ghost affair, which sounds like a solid idea from where we’re sitting.

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