Ghostbusters Goes Playstation Only For A While

This is insane news. The Ghostbusters game - which was planned as a multiplatform game - has passed publisher's hands like, well, like Swine flu really - starting out at Vivendi, moving to Atari and now - weeks before the June 19th release - ending clasped between Sony's mitts.

In this mornings press release, Sony said:
“We will be releasing the title on June 19th, for PS3 and PS2, to co-incide with the release of the Blu Ray movie from Sony Pictures.”</blockquote>

From a business stance, it's a brilliant deal from Sony, allowing them not only the bragging rights of exclusivity, but also the ability to market the hell out of the Ghostbusters brand for a few weeks where they'll be releasing both the games and a blu-ray. A PSP version will follow in the Autumn.

And what of the Wii, DS and 360 versions? Atari will be publishing those "later in the year".


Update @ 14:15 - we just want to clarify that this applies to PAL only territories (i.e. UK, Australia, etc). No word on how this will effect the US release yet.