Synth Riders appears to be the gift that keeps on giving. Despite Kluge Interactive's VR rhythm title launching with an impressive amount of content — something we remarked on in our review — the title doesn't seem to be content with stopping. Latest on the docket is a new mode, Spiral, hitting PSVR on 28th October.

Spiral sees you placed on a cylindrical stage, as you tilt your head in the appropriate direction, to dodge obstacles, all the while enjoying the game's already exquisite rhythm action. This sounds like a wild new way to experience the action, and the best part? Every song in the game is going to be compatible with Spiral at launch.

This includes the new song being added to the game alongside the update, Go! by synthwave duo Dance with the Dead. Plus, as this is an update, the new mode and song are at no extra cost. This is the second major bit piece of support the title has received since its PSVR launch — following a Muse DLC pack — and we could not be happier to see it. Here's to hoping Kluge keeps this up!

How does the new mode sound to you? Are you interested in breaking out your headset for another go? Were you already going to be playing Synth Riders anyways? Give us a twirl in the comments.