Sackboy A Big Adventure PC Rumour

Sackboy: A Big Adventure could be the next PlayStation exclusive to arrive on PC. References to the game's original codename — 'Project Marmalade' — have been found on Steam's database, and the title was also included in the infamous GeForce Now leak, which was picked apart earlier this year. However, these traces have apparently just been scrubbed on Steam's side, which raises even more questions.

So is it happening? Well, it certainly wouldn't come as a surprise, would it? By this point we all know that Sony is happy to port PlayStation exclusives to PC once the company believes that sales have hit a ceiling on console. God of War was confirmed for PC just last week, although part of the reasoning behind that is to grow the property's potential audience before God of War Ragnarok hits later in 2022. If Sackboy does end up on PC, we imagine that it'll be a Days Gone situation, where Sony's simply looking to maximise profits.

Would you be at all shocked to see Sackboy on PC? Pull some faces in the comments section below.

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