Mafia Definitive Edition PlayStation 4 PS4 1

You’ve already seen the November 2021 PS Plus rumour, but the same French source has also teased what we can expect from PS Now next month as well. While this obviously isn’t watertight and should be approached with some degree of scepticism, clearly this poster’s knowledge of Sony’s subscriptions is second to none.

According to a post on Deal Labs, PS Now members can look forward to Mafia: Definitive Edition and Celeste starting next week – two critically acclaimed games. The Japanese giant tends to reveal PS Now updates on the first Monday in the month, which is 1st November this time around. There’ll be more than just the two games, as we already know Final Fantasy IX will be part of the update as well.

This is a solid selection from where we’re sitting, assuming the French tipster is accurate. PS Now has gradually been getting better all year, and if you’re tempted to give it a try, then you can pick up a 12 month subscription for just £24.99 in select European territories right now. You can also find a list of All PS Now Games through the link.