Sony doesn't appear to be in any rush to bring back Ape Escape, does it? One of the company's classic franchises, it's beloved by fans of a certain age. It's arguably been replaced these days by Astro Bot, a character who's proven very popular with PlayStation 5's Astro's Playroom, but hope for Ape Escape to return is clearly still around.

We say "clearly", because one such fan has presented us with a playable Ape Escape "remake". If Sony won't do it, make it yourself, right?

As you can see in the above video, this is a recreation of Ape Escape 1's very first stage, in which you need to capture three escaped apes in a small level. It's been rebuilt in Unreal Engine 4, and while it's not as polished as the genuine article would be, this certainly whets our appetite for a series revival. Imagine a full-fledged PS5 remake, or even a PSVR take on the idea.

This is the work of one fan by the name of Yahya Danboos, and you can download and play the level for yourself via this page. What do you think of this fan made demo? Would you like to see Ape Escape come back? Grab your nets in the comments section below.