NBA 2K22 Build Your Empire PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Unbelievably, it’s been six weeks since NBA 2K22 released, which means it’s time to Build Your Empire. The second season of content for 2K Sports’ basketball sim is out now, and such is the structure of the release, it brings with it an absolute bunch of new stuff. The highlights in MyCareer are a golden trike and skeleton outfit, but there are 40 tiers of boosters and cosmetics to clear.

One of the new quests unlocks Rebirth mode, which effectively allows you to create a new build and begin with a 90 OVR rating, removing a lot of the grind from the game. This will give you the opportunity to experiment, which is a welcome reward. You will need to have a player who’s already at 90 OVR, though, and will then have to play 10 matches in the City to unlock the feature.

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Meanwhile, in card collecting mode MyTeam, you’ll now be able to unlock new Player Coach Cards by earning stars in Domination. These look like a ton of fun, and are joined by an entirely new set of cards to represent the start of the new NBA season. Finally, The W Online is getting a bunch of additional cosmetics, while 12 fresh songs from Columbia Records are being added to the game.

As far as seasonal updates go, this is one of the biggest we’ve ever seen outside of a Call of Duty game – there’s just so much to unpack here. If you’re not bored of NBA 2K22 yet – and given how much there is to do in the title, we can’t imagine you will be – then this season is easily going to add an extra 100 hours of playtime to your experience. Remember to check out our NBA 2K22 guide for more.