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The new GTA The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition looks a lot better than its PlayStation 2 predecessors, of course, with higher resolution textures, revamped lighting, and increased draw distances – but it’ll also play better. Crucial improvements include a GTA 5-inspired control scheme, as previously reported, but also expand to instant mission restarts and improved targeting controls.

One of the big problems with the original PS2 games is just how brutally dismissive of your time they were. You’d spend ages playing through a mission, only to fail at the end and be forced to drive all the way back to the quest giver and do it all again. It sounds like you’ll be able to instantly try again in these remasters, however, and while there’s no mention of checkpoints in the press release – well, let’s all cross our fingers, eh?

Drive-by controls have been reworked in GTA San Andreas – we assume they’ll be the same as in GTA 5 – while gunplay across the board has been completely re-developed to reflect more modern releases. Unfortunately, while there will be gyro aiming on the Nintendo Switch, there’s no mention of support for that on the PS5 and PS4 – a big miss considering both the DualSense and DualShock 4 have great motion sensors.

You’ll now be able to set waypoints like in more modern open world games, while the weapon and radio selection wheels have been given a facelift. All of this is in addition to all three titles running at 60 frames-per-second in 4K on the PS5, which is certainly welcome. What are your thoughts on these enhancements? Get a Grove Street tattoo in the comments section below.