There's nothing of any real substance in this latest behind the scenes look at Gran Turismo 7. Series creator Kaz once again sits his bottom on a stool and discusses his love for the motor industry and how the upcoming real racing simulator will reflect that, but we could listen to the man talk about his passion for cars all day so we figured we'd share the trailer anyway. "There are many unique cars around the world with long histories behind them. I think the act of collecting these cars is another important side to car culture," he remarks.

Kaz then goes on to explain how Gran Turismo 7 will have "cutting-edge PS5 quality models" of over 400 cars when it ships next year on PlayStation 5 and PS4. "Many of the most fascinating cars from motoring history are included in GT7." You can take them all for a spin from 4th March 2021 if you have enough Credits to afford them, of course.