We've seen Demon Turf popping up every now and again for what seems like an age, but it looks like developer Fabraz is finally ready. The game, which has a striking visual style blending 3D environments and 2D character sprites, now has a firm release date of 4th November 2021.

Playing as Beebz, your goal in this action platformer is this: retake the demon world's various turfs and overthrow the Demon King to claim the throne. It aims to give players lots of replayability, with levels that fundamentally change on return visits as well as lots of side content to explore. Accessibility seems to be a focus too, with the ability to place down checkpoints wherever you like. This also means you can try to beat a level without using checkpoints, if you want a challenge.

We rather like the look of this one. At the very least, it looks like something different from the norm, but the gameplay shown in the new trailer looks like good fun too. What do you think of Demon Turf? Will you be jumping into this one on PlayStation 5 and PS4? Control your demons in the comments section below.