Recently, Sony very quietly introduced Game Trials. This new scheme essentially lets you play a full game for a limited period of time, after which you'll have to buy the software to continue. It's a great concept, but right now the number of titles supported is very small. However, one that might've gone under the radar is Biomutant.

This PlayStation 4-only game confirms the service isn't just a PS5 thing; for the month of October, THQ Nordic's colourful open world action game will be available to trial for free:

You'll have five hours of time, and the Game Trial will be available between now and 28th October at 23:59 local time. As with the other games in the scheme, any progress you make and Trophies earned will carry over should you decide to purchase the title after the trial is done.

Of course, the major blunder in all of this has still not been addressed. That is to say, the five-hour trial period begins from the moment you trigger the download. This means a significant portion of the trial could be eaten away while you're waiting for your console to download and install the game. Depending on your connection speed, that could potentially render the entire exercise pointless.

Hopefully Sony will change this going forward, but for now, at least new games are joining the Game Trial service. We'll let you know when more free Game Trials appear. Will you be testing out Biomutant? Do kung fu in the comments section below.