Agent PS3

Ah, Agent. First teased as a PlayStation 3 exclusive all the way back in 2007, Agent was all set up to be a pretty big deal — a new property from Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar, set during the Cold War in the 1970s. It was a project that had people seriously hyped for years — especially when it was officially revealed in 2009 — but it never actually released. For reasons that still remain a little unclear to this day, Agent was scrapped internally a few years after its announcement, and Rockstar moved over to the inevitable Grand Theft Auto V.

Anyway, Agent has finally been removed from Rockstar's website, where it's been listed on the company's 'Games' section for over a decade. The end of an era, you could argue, but its removal doesn't come as a huge surprise since the Agent trademark was abandoned back in 2018. Maybe Rockstar only just remembered to take it down.

Said trademark had been renewed numerous times over the last ten years, which has almost always lead to some shaky speculation regarding a possible Agent revival — but it obviously never happened.

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