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Since an employee at PlayStation Japan mistakenly “welcomed” Bluepoint to the platform holder’s first-party family, Sony has acquired two teams that very few expected: Nixxes and Firesprite. And yet, we’re still waiting for confirmation of whether the Demon’s Souls developer has actually joined the PlayStation Studios family or not.

Following the error, the Texas-based developer updated flavour text on its Twitter account to state that it’s “fully independent”, but neither party has outright denied the speculation. Yet, we’re still waiting for any kind of confirmation about what’s going on. We contacted the manufacturer earlier in the year, but received no response.

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It’s a strange one because clearly someone at PlayStation’s marketing department created a graphic to announce the acquisition: both the logo and key art from Demon’s Souls are included, alongside imagery from Returnal, suggesting the announcement was planned after the firm’s Housemarque buyout.

But still there’s no word on what’s going on. Perhaps, at one point, discussions were taking place but have fallen through? Or maybe it’s waiting for Bluepoint to reveal its next project – although that hasn’t prevented it from confirming its purchase of Firesprite, has it? A very strange situation: perhaps one day we’ll get the full story.

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