Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe has expressed his disappointment over Sony choosing not to contact him about the rumoured new entry in the series. Speaking on his YouTube channel, the game developer turned controversial YouTuber explained how he has not heard anything from the company after helping to put it on the map — particularly in the US market — with the original PlayStation 1 entries and then Twisted Metal Black on PS2. Jaffe said: "Let’s be clear: Sony owes me nothing, our relationship ended somewhere in late 2018. But I will say that, emotionally, it feels sh*tty, if any of this is true, to not have been contacted at all."

It's a somewhat understandable stance to take, especially considering his claims that the team working on the Twisted Metal TV series "stay in better contact with me than the PlayStation people", explaining that they phoned Jaffe to make him aware of Anthony Mackie's casting as lead character John Doe. "It's a respectful and nice thing to do and I appreciated it… it's ceremonial, 99% of it, but if they need anything from me of course I’ll be there. I didn't get that from the game people."

Considering why he wasn't contacted about the rumoured Twisted Metal title, he offers theories such as the reports simply not being true, "it didn't occur to them", or he had "burnt bridges" with upper PlayStation management. "It pisses me off a little, but that’s the emotional side of me talking. The truth of the matter is look, they have a business to run, they’re not thinking about me, and if they are… f*ck it, I wouldn’t change what I’m doing now, and I wouldn’t change the way I’m doing it. If that’s rubbed people the wrong way, that’s a price I’m happy to pay because it means I get to keep being honest."

Jaffe adds: "At the end of the day, I’m excited that Twisted Metal is still going in some form or fashion, I will be there to play it and if they ask for my help of course I will be there."

However, he then shifts focus somewhat to claiming he could damage Sony by sharing dirt on them. In some fairly bizarre threats, he says: "I know things. I know where the bodies are buried. Hell, I know who pulled the trigger before they buried the f*cking bodies. I’m not saying I’m going to give sh*t away that’s going to hurt people, because I don’t want to be a dick, but… you should’ve called. You should’ve called."

The Twisted Metal creator then goes on to stress how he made two franchises for Sony and claims what he has said on YouTube has always been "honest and accurate"."Let’s say this — and I would never reveal these things — but let’s just say that you’re morons Sony if you think that a lot of your meetings are unrecorded and unshared out in the world, because that’s not the case. But I would never share that."

Maybe comments like these are exactly why Sony has chosen not to reach out to David Jaffe? Food for thought.