The Last of Us Day 2021 PlayStation Sony 1

It’s officially 26th September, which is better known as The Last of Us Day for fans of Naughty Dog’s horror franchise. Many had pinned hopes on the developer sharing new information on The Last of Us: Part II’s long-lost multiplayer mode – especially after the team teased all-new content earlier in the week – but a PS Blog post focused on the event doesn’t have any meaningful updates on that front.

In fact, unless a Naughty Dog website update scheduled to go live at 5PM PT brings the goods, fans may be forced to sit tight for a little longer. Thus far, the big The Last of Us Day announcements include a vinyl release of Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker’s covers from the game, as well as a new Joel statue from Dark Horse. There are also some new guitar accessories – including picks – from Taylor, as well as a bunch of new clothing items on the PS Gear store.

There’s also going to be a discount on The Last of Us Remastered and The Last of Us: Left Behind on the PS Store until 27th September, but that, for now, is your lot. We’ll see what this blog post brings, and will update if there’s anything meaningful to add.