PS4 Firmware Update

PlayStation 4 firmware update 9.00 is available to download now for those using Sony's last-gen system, but patches of this ilk always seem to come with some teething problems. PS4 owners are reporting some pretty serious issues with their consoles after successfully downloading the 490.2MB update. Some say the new firmware is running smoothly on their PS4 while others report their device is essentially bricked.

A Reddit thread gathers together the potential problems, with the general consensus being the system runs extremely slowly following the patch. Others say their console is doing even worse, however. TheIronGhost said: "Yeah this patch definitely bricked my console, I can't do anything now and it's taking forever to change between menus." They then go on to explain the PS Store finally loaded after seven reboots of the PS4 console, but they're still unable to do anything else. Two other Reddit then chime in to say they're having the same problems.

Elsewhere, Siebe_13 complained of having to restart the system in order to play a game. Elrickooo can't open TV, media apps, or the PS Store after downloading the update and Sventhetidar said: "My fiancee can't load anything on hers after the update even after several restarts." Finally, YouWillBeUpset shared their issue: "The console loads into an error screen, and my controllers won't connect post update. Loaded into safe mode with controllers connected to USB, and they still don't connect."

We've got a PS4 system installing firmware update 9.00 at the time of writing and will update this article if we also encounter any of the reported problems. While some PS4 users say their console runs smoothly post-patch, it's clear there are bumps in the road for some. You can find out what the update is actually supposed to do through here.