Knockout City, secretly one of PlayStation 4's best online multiplayer games, is still going strong. Season 2 took us to the movies, but is just about to wrap up to make way for a brand new one. What's the theme this time, then? We're going digital this time when Season 3, named 'Hacked', hits the game on 5th October.

Season 3's new map is called Lockdown Throwdown, which sees a sinister AI called Z3R0 hacking the city and taking control of various jailyard security measures. Special turrets will fire Cage Balls at players who get too close, which can be an advantage as much as a disadvantage.

Alongside the map will be new playlists and events to partake in, bringing new modes into the rotation. Then there's the Brawl Pass, another way to unlock all sorts of special rewards and exclusive items. Additionally, you'll be able to set your crew vehicle to a motorcycle, complete new contracts for hacker-themed goodies, and enjoy a new energy drink, player voices, and more.

It sounds as though Season 3 is pretty packed, and it all gets started very soon. Are you still playing Knockout City? Dodge a wrench in the comments section below.