To say GTA 5 fans are not happy with Rockstar’s re-release of the open world classic is an understatement: it’s now one of the most disliked PlayStation 5 trailers on Sony’s channel. At the time of writing, the 75-second clip has 1.5 million views with 23k up-votes and an eye-watering 94k down-votes. It’s one of the most negatively received PS5 videos on the official PlayStation channel by far.

And it’s not faring any better elsewhere, either. On the Rockstar Games channel, it has 1 million views with 30k up-votes and 90k down-votes. Many fans are irked that the upgrade doesn’t, on the surface, seem particularly noticeable: while the visuals are unquestionably cleaner than the PS4 version, many had expected a significant boost to the presentation, but this is more comparable to the PC release.

Considering that the label has been riding the coattails of GTA 5 for eight years now, with only Red Dead Redemption 2 to mix things up, for many it’s a letdown. Obviously, we’ll need to see more of the game before making any firm conclusions, but with the re-release delayed until March 2022, we may be waiting a while for further details.

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