GTA 5 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

We got our first glimpse of Grand Theft Auto 5 running on the PlayStation 5 during Sony’s big PlayStation Showcase last night, but the response has not been kind. The series’ various Reddit pages are filled with memes alluding to the fact that the re-release looks the same, while major series YouTubers have been taking Rockstar to task.

The trailer reveals improved graphics and gameplay, and to be fair to the developer, it does look better than on PS4. The problem is that it’s more comparable to the PC version running at better settings with a higher resolution than a full, ground-up rebuild. Personally, while we hadn’t anticipated an enormous upgrade, we did expect more from this first trailer.

Over on YouTube, the trailer has 13,000 up-votes and 20,000 down-votes, so it’s not gone down well at all. Realistically, Rockstar has only scratched the surface here – we know that there’ll be faster car modifications in GTA Online, for example – so we’re sure it has plenty more to talk about before the game’s delayed March release date.

Not a great first impression for many fans, though.