Gran Turismo 7 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Gran Turismo 7’s refreshed single player campaign aims to capture the spirit of old games – in all but one area. As noted in small print on the PlayStation Blog, you’ll need an “Internet connection” in order to enjoy the solo experience, as well as its car collecting GT Café mode and Livery Editor. Presumably this game is going to be quite light if you don’t have your console online.

It’s not massively surprising, of course, because GT Sport was the same – however, that was very much billed as an online game from the outset. Some fans will be wondering why they can’t enjoy the single player campaign without an Internet connection – especially if it operates independently from the multiplayer modes.

Presumably this is something Polyphony Digital will have to discuss in more detail prior to the title’s 4th March release date, because while most people have their consoles connected to the Internet these days, this is rarely a requirement that goes down well among enthusiasts. We’ll keep you updated.