Gran Turismo 7 has been available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store as of Tuesday, with a base version and a 25th Anniversary Edition up for grabs. Committing cash to either one will net you some sweet pre-order cars, and courtesy of hardcore fansite GT Planet, we now have the chance to get up close and personal with them. Sony shared screenshots of the three high-speed vehicles with the site, all of which you can view below.

Toyota Supra GT500 '97 (Castrol Tom's)

Porsche 917 Living Legend

Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept Stealth Model

No matter which version you opt for ā€” on either PS5 or PS4 ā€” you'll be granted access to the three cars above if you do decide to pre-order. As a reminder, the Ā£89.99/$89.99 25th Anniversary Edition also includes:

  • 1,600,00 CR
  • Toyota GR Yaris with country-specific Livery
  • 30 Manufacturer / Partner Avatars
  • The Music of Gran Turismo Official Soundtrack

It packages both the PS5 and PS4 versions together physically, with the disc being the current-gen edition while the PS4 version can be accessed through a PS Store voucher. Which of the three Gran Turismo 7 pre-order cars would you most like to drive? Share your choice in the comments below.