Returning Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo and new Manchester City recruit Jack Grealish are among the Ones to Watch in FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team. The Portuguese and English stars will be joined by Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku, Liverpool’s Ibrahima Konaté, and Real Madrid’s David Alaba as part of the sought-after promotion.

For those of you who don’t play the EA Sports soccer sim, Ones to Watch cards effectively upgrade all season long, meaning that should any of the featured players receive upgraded Team of the Week or In Form cards, their Ones to Watch will be upgraded to match. These are formidable cards to build an entire squad around, then.

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In addition to the upgrades all season, they’ll also be eligible for a Wins to Watch upgrade, which will effectively see them receive a +1 to their ratings if their team is able win five of their next ten matches in their domestic league. We hate to jinx things, but we’d say this is a certainty for all of the above players, to be honest.

With the title’s EA Play demo little over a week away, EA Sports is beginning to make more and more announcements regarding FIFA 22. Late last week it released a new commercial focusing on the title’s DualSense features, which have been upgraded for the new season to reflect more activities, such as crossing the ball and sliding across the turf.