Something appears to be going down in the world of Crash Bandicoot. You may recall a while back that a mysterious new teaser image was discovered within Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, showing a wumpa fruit surrounded by orange and blue swirls. Fans have come to expect this to represent a PvP game called Wumpa League, but not much has come of it in the intervening months. However, Activision is clearly teasing something now, with influencers and gaming press receiving Crash-related goodies.

Yesterday, a small selection of gaming personalities and publications took delivery of a wumpa fruit piñata, along with a miniature hammer with which to break it open:

The card in the above image reads:

Crash has been on the most N. Sane adventures in the past 25 years: battled the toughest bosses, travelled to the craziest dimensions of time, and even met some friends who were way out of his league. Celebrate by eating Crash's favourite snack, a wumpa fruit, with you and your team!

The hammer bears the so-called Wumpa League logo, and use of the word "league" on the accompanying card lines up with it as well. We've no idea what the game itself will look like — perhaps it's a modern interpretation of Crash Bash? A new competitive mode for Crash 4? Or it could be some new spinoff entirely. It's hard to really say.

The timing is also very interesting; PlayStation Showcase 2021 airs in a matter of hours. There's a chance it's coincidence, but a Crash Bandicoot announcement during Sony's presentation seems quite likely, doesn't it?

Anyway, we're sure all will be revealed in due course. What do you think of this? Smash a wumpa fruit in the comments section below.

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