Persona 25th Anniversary English Site

Atlus has opened up an English website for the 25th anniversary of the Persona series, and much like its Japanese counterpart, there's promise of "a year-long campaign from September 2021 to Fall 2022". Said campaign will feature "exciting announcements", including "25th anniversary merchandise, events, collaborations, and even game information".

Again, we already knew this was happening when the Japanese site opened back in July, but the fact that Atlus is eager to reiterate everything — on a new English site, no less — suggests that some of these upcoming announcements will target a global audience.

Hopefully we hear more about what Atlus has in store soon. While we highly doubt that every announcement will involve a new game (the mention of "merchandise, events, collaborations" says a lot), it's fair to assume that there'll be one or two reveals to get excited about.

Spread across a whole year, though? We could be waiting a while yet...