Whatever your thoughts on Watch Dogs Legion at launch, you’ve got to give publisher Ubisoft credit for sticking with the London sandbox. A huge new update available today adds the first major Assassin’s Creed crossover content to the series, with free missions and quests for everyone to enjoy – including one starring newcomer Darcy.

If you own the Season Pass then you’ll be able to play the entire campaign as the assassin, who is equipped with a Hidden Blade and Dart Gun. She also has a modern deception device: an AR cloaking system which allows her to assume the appearance of other characters within Watch Dogs Legion’s world. Pretty fun!

If you’ve already beaten the campaign then there’s fresh incentive to return: Resistance mode. This hardcore addition introduces permadeath, removes fast travel, and adds longer cooldowns. You’ll also have to contend with most civilians having an active dislike for DedSec, so you’ll need to win them over before recruiting them to your team.

And then there’s the return of Invasion mode, which will see you hacking into different characters around London in order to deceive your adversaries. Extraction, meanwhile, is a brand new mode that functions a little like Capture the Flag. And finally there’s zombie co-op mode Legion of the Dead, which will be free for everyone to play as well.

So that’s a lot of content to sink your teeth into, then. Obviously, we get the impression Ubisoft has been a little bit disappointed with Watch Dogs Legion’s performance, so this may be the end of the line for the open worlder. But if you did happen to purchase the title at launch, then so much has been added over the past year or so that it’s well worth returning to.

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