The rumour mill keeps a-churning, and while we’re always suspicious of social media sources, we suppose these sound sensible enough. First up is Tom Henderson, a DualShockers scribe who has a prolific track-record with Battlefield leaks. He posted a cryptic Sweet Tooth image alongside the caption 2023, presumably hinting at some kind of Twisted Metal revival.

Normally we’d shrug this aside, but we already know Sony is working on a major television show based on the car combat franchise, and it also wants to make more multiplayer games. We’ve always felt the Japanese giant has missed a trick with this iconic series: imagine how good a Battle Royale-themed Twisted Metal would be, for example. Watch this space, we suppose.

Also swirling is speculation regarding a new WipEout game. This comes courtesy of Xbox Era host Nick Bakar – stick with us here – who claims that the futuristic racing franchise will return, with full support for Sony’s next-gen PSVR headset. He suspects Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games is at the helm, and after the excellent virtual reality update for WipEout Omega Collection exceeded expectations, it certainly makes sense.

We’re always sceptical of these kinds of stories, because it’s very easy to dream up reasonable predictions like these and disguise them as rumours. Nevertheless, the tipsters in this instance have just enough of a track record to suggest they’re privy to inside information, and we can certainly see Sony bringing these legendary series back.

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