We're closing in on The Medium hitting PlayStation 5 next month, so now it is time for Bloober Team to share how the port will take advantage of Sony's new tech. The DualSense controller more specifically. This old-school, fixed camera angle horror title utilises some fairly unique mechanics, and it's these that will put the PS5 pad to work.

Charging up a Spirit Blast engages the adaptive triggers, lessening their tension the more it builds up. Haptic feedback will simulate moths attacking your Spirit Shield when the ability is put to use. It'll feel like the creatures are attacking you from all sides as the upgraded rumble feature is activated. Another way it will be used is when protagonist Marianne must hold her breath to avoid detection from some of the more dangerous nightmares in The Medium. As she struggles to resist taking a breath, the haptic feedback motors will accelerate.

Onto the controller's built-in speaker and it will imitate the sounds of the tool or device you're using in-game. Finally, the light bar surrounding the touchpad replicates your flashlight. Whenever a monster is nearby, it flashes. The light bar will do the very same thing out in the real world, just to make sure you're extra alert.

The Medium hits PS5 on 3rd September 2021, but are you interested in playing? Switch perspectives in the comments below.

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