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Update (12th August): Well over 24 hours after Blue Box Game Studios was supposed to update Abandoned's Realtime Experience App with the first footage of its PlayStation 5 survival game, purported "technical issues" continue to plague the Dutch developer.

"We won't be delaying the patch to a specific date, but release it as soon as we have resolved it," the studio said on Twitter. "On behalf of the BBGS Team and everyone involved with Abandoned, we thank you for the patience and apologise deeply for the inconvenience."

It went on to explain that it's "a small studio without the wide resources to quickly resolve an issue" and that it wants "to deliver a highly polished product and a good representation of the game that functions as intended".

Update (11th August): Blue Box Game Studios has provided an update on Abandoned's trailer delay. Writing on Twitter, it said: "The delay is taking longer than expected. We are fully working on this. We thank you for the patience and we apologize for this."

There's no word on what's gone wrong or when it will be resolved.

Original Story: The first full-length trailer for PlayStation 5 survival game Abandoned, purportedly slated to debut 10th August in the title’s previously released Realtime Experience app, has missed its release window. The game’s mysterious developer, Blue Box Game Studios, had promised that the footage would debut at 9PM CET – but over four hours after the fact it’s reported “technical issues”.

“We are working to get [the patch] live ASAP,” the team said. “We apologise for the inconvenience.” A couple of hours later, it added: “We are still working on it. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.” The idea, we think, was that the app would be updated on the PS5 so that fans could watch the trailer, rendered in realtime on their consoles.

There are two possibilities here: Blue Box Game Studios has realised that releasing a PS5 patch on a timetable is impossible – especially with the way Sony operates these days. Alternatively, it still doesn’t actually have a full-length trailer to show, and it’s simply buying itself some more time. This, after all, isn’t the first time the developer has missed a deadline.

It did show a brief five-second clip, presumably from the trailer, on Twitter earlier in the day. The hype builder simply shows a wooden floor and a man in a suit walking on it. As has become common for this game, engagement is through the roof: it’s attracted almost 10,000 likes at the time of typing – these are the kind of numbers that AAA blockbusters would be proud of.

Alas, as we write this, there’s nothing more to see other than apologies from the Dutch developer. Things may change overnight, and we’ll of course update you when we know more.

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