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Sony is confident it will meet its aggressive PlayStation 5 shipment target, as it’s managed to secure the necessary components to meet its lofty goals. Despite an ongoing semiconductor shortage, the company has been bullish about its next-gen consoles prospects, already surpassing 10 million units sold through to consumers.

For the current fiscal year – which will end on 31st March, 2022 – the company plans to ship 14.8 million units, which it hopes will help it to achieve an install base of near 22.6 million units in less than 18 months. And that goal is still very much achievable according to chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki, who confirmed during a conference call earlier today that it’s secured the chipsets needed to manufacture that many machines.

The firm is now moving towards profitability on the platform, with Bloomberg reporting that it’s now turning a profit on the flagship $499.99 model. Assuming that’s accurate, Sony is in a staggeringly strong position moving forward, as the console is already competitively priced and selling out consistently. To achieve all this during a pandemic is impressive.

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