PS4 Console

The PlayStation 4 has had its time in the sun now as Sony focuses its manufacturing efforts on the company's new bit of hardware, meaning the last-gen piece of tech is sort of limping towards sales milestones instead of pushing for a last-minute dash. The company today recorded its results for Q1 of the 2021 fiscal year, and the PS4 managed to sell 500,000 units. That brings its lifetime sales up to 116.4 million.

Compared to other consoles on the best-sellers list, the PS4 is still nowhere near close to hitting the highs of the PS2. It sold more than 150 million units, closely followed by the Nintendo DS. Then the Game Boy and Game Boy Color handheld systems take bronze. The PS4 is currently sitting pretty in fourth position, which Sony must surely be fairly chuffed about. Given the challenge Sony has faced manufacturing enough PS5 systems to meet demand, we can't imagine producing more PS4 consoles was very high up the list of priorities.

As for the PS5, we already knew it had reached the 10 million milestone as of 18th July 2021, making it the fastest-selling PlayStation console ever. Since then, the firm has sold a further 100,000 units, bringing the current total up to 10.1 million.