Naughty Dog insinuated, prior to the release of The Last of Us: Part II, that its multiplayer mode had evolved into something much bigger. We know, from recruitment drives, that it continues to work on the standalone online component, although the developer’s yet to reveal a single detail about it. A release this year is looking unlikely at this stage.

It’s left many pondering just what the Californian studio is up to. Now, new assets recovered from the single player game’s source code, potentially give us some insight. A map, for example, likely teases some kind of Battle Royale mode – although, it’s worth noting that this could just be an old file, and we haven’t been able to corroborate its existence for ourselves.

The video hypothesises that the map could allude to several areas inspired by locations from the main game, including a gas station, motel, and port. There’s also a dog collar asset, and references to armour, helmets, and backpacks. Not much to go on, then, and the details could have changed over the past 18 months – but interesting nonetheless.

The wait goes on…