Life Is Strange: True Colors is just a few weeks away from release at this point, meaning it's time for publisher Square Enix to share as much as it can about the game without spoiling things. The big media blast in the lead up to launch has arrived, and today we've been treated to 13 minutes of raw gameplay featuring protagonist Alex Chen. All of the footage is taken from a visit to a record shop and its accompanying radio booth.

Another customer, named Ryan, is quickly introduced alongside some dialogue options to allow you to steer the course of the conversation. The two quickly get to know each other before the environment becomes explorable, with a drum kit, sheet music, and demos all interactable. There's even a cat!

The scene concludes with Alex making use of her powers, which allows her to sense other people's emotions and then use what she learns to make important decisions throughout the game. Do you like what you see? Life Is Strange: True Colors hits PS5 and PS4 on 10th September 2021, so prepare yourself in the comments below.