Of all the crossovers with Fall Guys, we weren't expecting a classic Disney movie, but this is 2021, so anything can happen. Yes, the mad 60-player game is collaborating with the House of Mouse on its next slew of in-game outfits when The Jungle Book characters join the fun in September.

Four of the film's characters will become costumes in the game, rolled out one by one in the shop. First up, Mowgli will be available between 3rd and 6th September. Then it's Shere Khan from 7th to 9th, and Baloo from 10th to 12th. The final costume is King Louie, but getting his costume is a different deal. He's getting an in-game event running from 3rd to 12th September, in which you'll have to complete various objectives to unlock the outfit. Other King Louie cosmetics will unlock too, like an emote, pattern, and more.

Season 5 is still ongoing, and these Jungle Book costumes are the latest new addition. Have you been enjoying Fall Guys Season 5? Look for the bear necessities in the comments section below.