The last project that Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss announced during a Geoff Keighley livestream ended up being delayed indefinitely, so don’t hold your breath too hard for DokeV. Announced during Gamescom Opening Night Live, the South Korean studio’s next project is described as a “creature-collecting open world action adventure”, and is currently in development now.

The press release explains: “Legendary creatures from Korean mythology and folklore, Dokebi, live harmoniously together with humans and help encourage dreams from which they gain strength. They represent all worldly passions and dreams of humans and can provide courage and strength to humans they actively support. DokeV encourages an open play style and exploration and features a beautifully designed open world that is full of wonder and allows players to engage in a host of exciting activities with their collected Dokebi.”

So far, it’s looking pretty tasty – but then so did the aforementioned Crimson Desert, which debuted during The Game Awards 2020 late last year before being pushed back. There’s no release window attached to DokeV, or any indication of when we’ll learn more. It certainly does sound impressive, though, and we’re honestly surprised more developers haven’t attempted to take on Pokémon. For now, you can check out the stunning assets included in this article.