Watch Dogs Legion will add its previously announced Assassin’s Creed crossover content on 24th September, with new operative Darcy deploying on the streets of London next week. The character is included as part of the open worlder’s Season Pass, and comes equipped with a hidden blade and hooded robe. As with all characters in Ubisoft’s stealth sandboxer, you’ll be able to play the entire campaign as the newcomer.

The DedSec recruit will be accompanied by new story and world missions, as teased in the trailer embedded above. The French publisher is also taking the opportunity to roll out the co-op focused Watch Dogs Legion of the Dead mode on PlayStation 5 and PS4, as well as add new game modes – including the anticipated Invasion and Extraction options. It’s not entirely clear whether this marks the end of the title’s content roadmap, but a lot has been added since launch.