Epic Games has once again proven just how far ahead it is of anyone else in the live event space with a truly memorable Fortnite concert all about popstar Ariana Grande. Much like last year's Travis Scott in-game gig, players could watch the event and walk about the play area while the Positions singer put on a real show.

What was even cooler about this particular event was that a few mini-games introduced the event, with a Mario Kart-esque race slaloming players through paint while another tasked friends with getting a high score while shooting crystals out of a plane. Then the pop star took centre stage, singing hits such as 7 Rings all the while players could freely move about and dance alongside her.

You may not like Fortnite, but you have to admit Epic Games knows how to put on a great show with these live events. If you missed the first event, check out our Fortnite Ariana Grande Concert: All Show Times and Rewards guide for information on when you can catch it in-game next over this weekend.

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