If you like your indie games cute and cuddly, Button City looks like a winner. Developed by Subliminal, the game stars Fennel the fox and his friends, who work together to save their local games arcade. Set in a series of diorama style locations, it's a narrative adventure in which you explore the town and play a varied bunch of arcade games.

As you can see in the trailer, you'll be conversing with other anthropomorphic folks, taking on miniature quests, and playing the games in the very arcade you're trying to save. It looks like this affords some nice variety in gameplay; you'll be playing a DDR-esque rhythm game, an arcade racer, a top-down dungeon crawler, and more.

It looks pretty wonderful, and will likely appeal to fans of titles such as Donut County or Bugsnax — it has a similar sort of vibe. It's due out on PlayStation 5 next month on 10th August. Are you looking forward to visiting Button City? Insert coin(s) in the comments section below.

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