Button City is an adorable little game about a cast of cutesy animal buddies and their arcade-going adventures. Playing as Fennel the fox, you're new to town and wind up friends with a trio of regulars at the titular arcade. It's all extremely sweet, with a simple but heart-warming story keeping things moving along.

The trouble is, basically everything else is a little lacking. Again, the characters that make up the world are fun to interact with, but there isn't really enough here to sink your teeth into. The world is split up into numerous miniature diorama-like scenes, and you teleport between them. You can do this fairly freely, exploring the arcade, your home, a café, the park, and more. While it's all very whimsical, there's little to do in any of these locations, save for Button City itself.

The arcade houses a few minigames to enjoy, such as a rhythm game, a racer, and Gobabots, a game about throwing more fruit into a blender than the opposing team. These do weave into the narrative at points, but the games themselves aren't particularly good. The rhythm game is a poor imitation of DDR, the racer is an extremely easy three-lap race, and Gobabots is a shallow team game. They break up the usual walking and chatting you'll be doing, and there's some fun to be had — just don't expect any of the arcade attractions to blow you away.

Overall, it's a chilled out game with personality and charm, but there's not much more to it than that. While you may enjoy exploring the town and meeting its residents, there isn't enough substance here to keep things interesting.