Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Animal Sanctuaries

As if we needed more reasons to get hyped for Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut, developer Sucker Punch has confirmed that the new Iki Island expansion will be home to a number of animal sanctuaries. Jin will be able to visit these peaceful locations and interact with the wildlife, which includes wild cats, deer, and even monkeys.

Jin can play his flute to calm and tame the creatures, before moving in for a nice petting session. Or two. Or three. Apparently, you can revisit these animal sanctuaries as often as you want.

The studio has posted several gameplay clips on Twitter, which we've embedded below. We feel more relaxed already.

Iki Island is shaping up to be an enticing expansion, with story details and a new trailer popping up earlier today. Will you be petting as many animals as possible next month? Embrace nature in the comments section below.