Ghost of Tsushima Update

It's a big day for Ghost of Tsushima — and not just because Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut has just been announced. Indeed, Sucker Punch has confirmed that all players can look forward to a free update that'll add some new features — as requested by fans. It sounds like it'll launch alongside the aforementioned Director's Cut.

For starters, you'll be able to lock-on to specific targets in combat. Ghost of Tsushima already has a kind of lock-on system in place, where Jin will swing towards the enemy that's in the direction of your left stick, but some players have been asking for a proper lock-on mechanic since the game's release last year. Should be a handy option to have, and, for accessibility purposes, you'll also be able to remap your controller buttons with this patch.

Oh, and the update will let you hide your quiver from Jin's back. A small addition, but if you really, really like to customise the protagonist to your liking, then this is another way to do it. New photo mode options are being included as well.

As for Ghost of Tsushima Legends, Sucker Punch says that it has an all-new mode in the works, which it'll be detailing over the coming weeks. It also states that all Legends updates will continue to be free for all players, regardless of platform or whether you buy the Director's Cut.

Good stuff, but will you be slicing your way back into Ghost of Tsushima? Ready your blade in the comments section below.