FIFA 22 PS5 Upgrade

There will be no free PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 upgrade for FIFA 22, EA Sports has confirmed. This means that if you buy the PS4 version with the expectation of eventually upgrading to the PS5 version free of charge, then you're out of luck. You'll have to buy the game again on PS5, unless you pay more for the Ultimate Edition.

That's right, the next-gen upgrade for FIFA 22 is locked behind the Ultimate Edition, which sells for £89.99 here in the UK, as opposed to £59.99 for the Standard Edition. Essentially, you're having to pay an extra £30 for the ability to upgrade from PS4 to PS5.

This is heel turn from EA, which previously allowed players to upgrade FIFA 21 on PS4 to the later released PS5 version for free. Not a great look, is it?

So, just to recap, the standard version of FIFA 22 on PS4 does not get you the PS5 version, and vice versa. If you want the game across both consoles, you need to either buy both versions separately, or pay £89.99 for the Ultimate Edition.Booooo!

You can just play the PS4 version of FIFA 22 on your PS5 via backwards compatibility, but then you won't have access to all of the next-gen exclusive features that EA Sports has been boasting about — including the new 'HyperMotion Technology' stuff.

What do you make of this move? Shake your head and throw some water bottles at EA in the comments section below.

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