Hands up, then: who's still playing Fall Guys on PlayStation 4? The game has been insanely popular for a good while, but it does feel as though it's fallen out of the zeitgeist to some extent. That's not to say it's completely died off, of course — there's surely still a healthy player count as Season 4 winds down. Developer Mediatonic is certainly keeping things going with regular updates, and the latest snippet of news is all about the impending arrival of Season 5.

It's been officially confirmed that the theme for Fall Guys Season 5 will be Jungle Adventure:

That's all we know so far, but we do get to see the above image, which is surely full of hints at things to come: new costumes for those intrepid beans, perhaps some mud or swamps to trudge through, and... a rhino? We're curious to see what this next season introduces to this wacky battle royale platformer.

Are you excited for Fall Guys Season 5? Have you been avidly playing since day one? Grab onto the comments section below.

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