Fall Guys Season 5 has just been officially revealed via a livestream, and it looks like another pretty substantial update to the popular battle royale platformer. We already knew the new season would bring with it a jungle theme, and it seems this comes with all kinds of new things to see and do.

As you might expect, Season 5 will introduce a handful of new rounds. Six new levels will be added to the rotation, and they sound pretty great. Treetop Tumble is a new obstacle course with branching paths, while Pegwin Pool Party has you sliding down slopes and trying to grab onto those pesky birds. Stompin' Ground is all about surviving the onslaught of three mechanical rhinos as they charge about. Lily Leapers is a sort of platform challenge about jumping between layers of drums, while Bubble Trouble is all about popping bubbles in a large arena. Lastly, Lost Temple is a new final round in which you must reach the crown at the centre, but the path there is constantly shifting.

In addition to these new stages, Season 5 adds limited time events for the first time. These events offer up rare rewards for completing certain challenges, potentially featuring some "special guests" along the way. Squads mode will also be getting some attention; the team will be trialling duos and trios playlists for limited times during the season. It goes without saying the new season will add all kinds of new cosmetic items to collect, too. Finally, the game will of course be updated with various fixes and improvements to the overall experience.

All this will be coming with Season 5, which gets started tomorrow, on 20th July. Are you jumping back into Fall Guys to check it out? Stumble into the comments section below.