Dragon Age 4 Single Player

Here's a story that somehow managed to pass us by: the next Dragon Age game — commonly referred to as Dragon Age 4 — was going to be a 'live service' title, incorporating a "heavy" multiplayer component. But apparently, that vision for the project was scrapped following the success of single-player adventure Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and the outright failure of ANTHEM (development on which was cancelled just last week).

This is according to a report from Bloomberg, which states that the upcoming Dragon Age title is now set to be a single-player experience. This change in direction has only taken place "in recent months", which suggests that the game is still a long way off from release.

Still, this will probably come as promising news to many a Dragon Age fan. BioWare made its name on producing quality role-playing titles, and although the standard has certainly slipped over the last console generation, the next Dragon Age still has a reputation to uphold (or potentially salvage, depending on your outlook).

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